Basic Juggling Tricks

When are first starting to juggling and learning the cascade pattern, juggling is fun and interesting. However, once you have the cascade pattern down you can start to get bored. It is the most basic trick after all. Just about anyone can do it effectively within a week. Luckily juggling doesn’t stop with the three ball cascade pattern. Over the centuries jugglers have created numerous other tricks to keep themselves and audiences entertained. The following are just few basic tricks to add to your arsenal when you are first starting to juggle.

Up The Middle

up the middle 3 columsThe first trick is simply known as Up The Middle. All you do is throw one ball up and then throw the other two at the same time with one ball on either side of the first. This means you will have to catch both balls simultaneously as well. Keep tossing one up the middle and the two on the sides at the same time to perform this age old juggling trick.

Over The Top

over topThen there is the simple Over The Top trick. All you have to do to perform this is change up how you throw a ball to your other hand in the middle of a pattern. For example, if you are doing a cascade pattern you throw the balls toward the middle over one another. In order to do the Over The Top trick in this situation you simply throw one ball from one hand to the other by throwing it over the other two starting from the outside. It requires you to break rhythm to pull it off and can take quite a bit of practice to perfect.


reverse 3 ball cascadeOver The Top is also used to perform the Tennis trick. To perform Tennis simply continue to throw the same ball over the top of the other two from hand to hand. The Reverse Cascade trick is simply using over the top throws to perform the cascade pattern. Instead of throwing two balls over the top like in the Tennis trick you simply throw all three over the top.


juggling the clawThe Claw is a catch variation trick. All you have to do in order to perform the Claw is catch and throw with your palm facing down instead of up. You essentially catch the ball while moving your hand down to grab it and release the ball when you pull your hand back up.


Lastly there is the Chop. To perform this trick you move one arm in a chopping motion over the other arm and throw the ball in the other arm up. You, as you move the other arm back into position, you let go of the ball in the chopping arm which essentially drops it into the other hand and then catch the ball you threw first as you normally would once the arm that chopped is back into position.

These are just a few of the basic tricks to get you started. Each trick has multiple variations and there are tons of other tricks out there to learn. One day you might come up with your own trick to help supplement the bag of tricks available for jugglers around the world.