Juggling Tips

Juggling takes time, practice, and patience just like any other art or sport. It is easy to get frustrated, impatient, and make the same mistakes over and over. Most beginning jugglers have to break themselves of old habits like throwing with their wrist or always throwing with their right hand causes them to switch hands when juggling instead of throwing the ball into the air. Perseverance is needed to succeed in juggling. The tips below may be of some help too.


relaxYou have to be relaxed and concentrate when you juggle. It is easy to get flustered and caught up in the moment with so much going on at once. Getting over excited is the main reason most beginners drop so much; that and just an overall lack of practice. When you are relaxed you will be able to learn easier and commit the patterns and juggling acts you are performing to memory. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will you master juggling in just a couple hours. It takes a lifetime to perfect, so you might as well take all the time you need.

Break it Down

break it downMost tricks and patterns are simply a bunch of different stages but together to perform one giant juggling act. If you are having problems with a certain part try practicing the particular stage that is giving you trouble rather than simply going through the whole pattern to end up dropping at the same spot in the middle. The majority of ticks can be learned easier by learning each individual step of the pattern on its own and then adding the parts together. Once you have each separate part mastered you will probably find that putting them together is a breeze; especially compared to trying to learn the entire pattern at once.

Think, Think, Think

Next tip is to think. It may sound odd and strangely hard to do with so much going on while you are juggling but it is imperative to take the time to think about what you are doing. Just take a few minutes after doing a pattern to think about what you are having a hard time with and what you did well. You may find the answer to a problem you have been having or even find some new way to get around the problem that is easier for you. Regardless, thinking is required in all levels of physical exertion. Don’t forget to think.

Regular Practice

Practice in regular intervals instead of all at once. Most of us lead fairly busy lives between work and our social life that it is kind of hard to find time each do to practice. But simply practicing for twenty minutes a day instead of four hours one day out of the week will improve your juggling abilities much faster. Juggling takes constant practice. Use it or lose it.

Make Friends

juggle with friendsFinally, find other jugglers and friends to juggle with. Juggling with another person can make practice more enjoyable and you will be able to learn new things together. He or she may be able to give you insight and tips on patterns and tricks you are having difficulty with. Two heads are always better than one and two sets of eyes will almost always spot things one set can’t see. Follow these tips and you will begin to make the most out of your juggling practice time and be on the fast track to becoming an expert juggler.

Juggling involves concentration and coordination.
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