Basic Juggling Illusions

Juggling illusions are optical illusions that make it look like you, the juggler, are doing something amazingly complex or impossible when you are really doing something completely different. There are tons of juggling illusions to be learned and new ones are being constantly being created. The following are a few of the basic illusions that most jugglers start out learning.

These are not very complex and they all involve column juggling two balls with one hand. For those not familiar with one handed column juggling, it is when a ball is thrown straight up into the air and caught with the same hand that threw it. This is only considered juggling when done with two or more balls at once because doing so with one ball is too easy.



The first illusion is known as the YOYO or string. It is performed by following one of the two balls being column juggled with a ball in your other hand. As the ball thrown rises you must move the ball in your hand, which is held above the ball being thrown, at the same rate of speed up and move the ball down at the same speed the ball being thrown falls as soon as it begins to fall. Keep about six inches between the ball being juggle and the ball being held at all times. This illusion is properly performed when the space between the two balls is kept exactly the same for the entire time this illusion is performed. The OYOY or levitation is doing the exact same thing only with holding the ball that you follow with under the ball being thrown.



This next illusion is called Fake. As you column juggle two balls in one hand you follow the ball on the outside of your body with the ball in your other hand. If you follow it exactly the illusion makes it look like you are performing an Up The Middle trick when you are not. Some jugglers find this easier to perform than Up The Middle. For it to truly work you have to follow the outside ball exactly as it goes up and down.



Lastly there is the orbit. As you one hand column juggle two balls you spin the ball in your other hand completely around each ball as it is thrown into the air. To do this right you must throw each ball at the exact same height as you column juggle and make a circle with the ball in your other hand at a constant rate of speed. It will look as if the ball in your hand is circling a ball that is floating in mid air.

These illusions are fun to play with and provide a great source of column juggling practice. Once you perfect your one handed column juggling you will be ready to become a juggling magician.